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XConsole is a mod that replaces your Unreal Tournament console and adds extra features and functions in a small area at the top. It also adds some extra console commands.

For players:

  • Easy change teams on non LeagueAS servers
  • Change colours of your say/teamsay messages displayed in HUD
  • Fast changing from playing to spectating and vice versa
  • Logging in text or HTML with CSS support (works with CSHP but see notes below)
  • Quickly dump console text to a log file using 'dump' command
  • Turns on/off various types of messages in console for better reading
  • Load/Save custom key configs
  • Functions for LeagueAS match servers
  • Demo recording tab. Auto-records etc.
  • IRC tab. *New*

For admins and mods:

  • Front-end for server Admin, LeagueAS, UTPure, UTDC and ASH
  • Server control for admins and LeagueAS mods
  • Use the console in Command, Say, Teamsay, Admin or Moderator mode


Click on the images for a larger view.

The new player list and menu system.


Turn on/off different types of console messages, leaving only what you want to see.

3 different kinds of logging - normal, safemode, or a simple dump button/command that immediately saves all console text to a file.

Use up to 10 custom key config macros

Admin page for login, summoning, changing game speed etc

Server page for admins to change games

Frontend for UTPure commands.

Frontend for AntiShockHo commands.

Frontend for League Assault.

Frontend for UTDC.

Page for defining custom buttons.

IRC Page.




To Update to a Newer Version

From version 2.85 you will need to install the new XConsole.ini because of major ini changes.
Copy XConsole.u and XConsole.ini to system folder. You may copy some of the old settings over from old XConsole.ini to new but [XConsole.XConsole_AdminTab] is now [XConsole.XConsole_ServerTab] and has many more settings. If Unreal Tournament takes a long time to load and seems to hang it's because of the above

Version 3.00 onwards also adds some new settings in the xconsole.ini file. It may be better to install new. But if your previous version already has lots of custom gametypes set up, you could probably just add the extra bits. To use the UTDC or Custom pages check 'editing xconsole.ini' at the end of this file. You will want to add the [XConsole.XConsole_UTDCTab] and [XConsole.XConsole_CustomTab] sections and add UTDCPage=True/False and CustomPage=True/False. Also you will need to change LogPage=False if you are getting kicked by LeagueAS.

Just unzip and copy XConsole.u to your System directory.

New Install

Unzip into your main Unreal Tournament directory and all the files should go to the proper folders. Check the file list at the end of this file if you have problems.


  1. Start Unreal Tournament and go to advanced options (type 'preferences' in console).
  2. Go to Drivers section, click on 'Console' and choose XConsole.
  3. Close the window and restart Unreal Tournament for changes to take effect.


  1. Edit your UnrealTournament.ini [Engine.Engine] section and change the line 'Console=UTMenu.UTConsole' to ';Console=UTMenu.UTConsole'.
  2. Add the line Console=XConsole.XConsole under it.

Your Unreal Tournament ini file should be in ~/.loki/ut/System.

To uninstall reverse this process



Individual pages (tabs) can be turned on/off by setting their value to true/false or 1/0 in the [XConsole.XConsole_CW] section of XConsole.ini.

Default settings:


Obviously of you are not any sort of admin you will want to change AdminPage, ServerPage, PurePage, ASHPage, UTDCPage, and CustomPage all to False.

Team Options

  • Teamsay (TS) colours can be set (note that LeagueAS overrides these).
  • Normal chat colours and kills can be set.
  • Quick team change button.
  • Toggle spectating/playing button.
  • 1st/3rd person button.


  • Turn on/off various console messages.
  • Info shows various server info.
  • Trans toggles console transparency.


  • Log turns on/off logging
  • Log Lock makes xconsole enter logging mode automatically when you start UT.
  • AS rounds sorts Assault rounds into one log.
  • Safemode logging logs the text from the console between map changes and should not be an issue with UTPure.
  • Timestamp puts the game time for every event in the log (not in safemode).
  • Dump button dumps all console text to a file immediately.

It's best to turn logging on/off between maps and not on a server although the Dump button will work anywhere. Date Style combo lets you choose between UK/Euro or US format date for logs (this also affects date/time at bottom of console).

Logging Issues

CSHPs scan for rogue actors (which most chat loggers use) and so logging will work better in safe mode, or by using the dump button. If no logs are generated because of CSHP switch to safe mode. If you still get kicked then make LogPage=False in xconsole.ini. Have I said this enough yet?

Turning Safe Mode On/Off

Use the 'Safe Mode' checkbox/command to do this. Its best to do this between games, not while on a server. You can also use LoadTimer and KillTimer to do this.

*note: when you first install XConsole it will be in safe mode by default

Pros of safe mode:

  • Should work with CSHP but let me know if you find otherwise.

Cons of safe mode:

  • You can't have any timestamps in the log because it's not 'real-time' logging.
    1000 line limit per log.
  • Actually does the logging between map changes (ie offline) so quiting Unreal Tournament too fast (or if it crashes) might lose the info and the log.


  • Up to ten different key configs can be stored.


  • Admins can login/out issue kicks/kickbans and summon items and cheats
  • Cannon button kills all the team cannons
  • View button allows view from any pawn on map
  • Slomo drop down box changes game speed - set it back to 'Slomo' or '1' to reset
  • JumpZ drop down changes jump height - set it back to 'JumpZ' or '357' to reset
  • LeagueAS Mods can also summon stuff here


After logging in, level can be changed by selecting game type, map and mutators. The mapvote checkbox will select the MapVote version from xconsole.ini, which is set to MapVoteLA13 by default.

You can set MaxPlayers, MinPlayers, MaxTeams, TimeLimit, FragLimit, CapLimit and set/unset game password. Most of these settings will apply just by changing the values without a map change, although it doesn't usually update the F1 scoreboard.

When starting a league assault game and ticking insta box xconsole will run the team shock rifle mutator automatically.

League Assault

  • Moderator login/out - mods can change level, summon items, turn on practise mode, stop the countdown and kick players
  • LeagueAS commands issued via buttons:
  • XHUD = ToggleExtendedHUD (shows more detailed objective info).
  • Mute = ToggleMute (cycles through mute enemies, mute all, mute off).
  • Show Score = show match score.
  • List maps = show map list.
  • Allow mercs = allows opponents to use mercs.
  • Kick and Ban buttons and a player list to kick cheaters (only admins can ban).
  • Player list updates via refresh button or console reopened.

* I've now added a clause that only lists players with ping>0. This is because on some servers server actors were showing with name "Player" and ID=0 - sometimes 2 or 3 at once. This means that players will only be listed once F1 shows their ping. If they are not listed, wait a sec and either press refresh or close/reopen console.


  • Pure commands can be issued via the various buttons.
  • Pure ON/OFF = enable/disable cheat protection (needs map restart).
  • Show IPs = Lists player IPs in console.
  • Netspeeds = Show player netspeeds.
  • Tickrate = Show server Tickrate.
  • Info = Show CSHP settings and info.
  • Fix Teams = If enabled, balances the teams.
  • Next Teams = Quickly changes your team.
  • 1st Person = Goes to 1st person view - ie behindview 0 - useful for speccing cheaters.
  • 3rd Person = Resorts to normal view.
  • Show IDs = Lists unique player IDs - needed to kick cheaters.

To kick/ban a player click 'Show IDs' button to find a players ID number, use one of the drop-down boxes to select his ID and press Kick ID or Ban ID button. The point of using IDs is because of some aimbots that change the players name to that of another player, which makes normal kick/banning harder.


Most settings can be seen by using the drop down boxes. The current setting is displayed in the console. Use on/off buttons to change settings. Screenshots can be made by using the shot dropdown box. This also only lists players with ping>0. You will need to change UTDCVersion settings in xconsole.ini for the version on your server. Default is v18. Semi-admins and mods type your shot password into the 'Shot Pass' box and click 'save'. This will store the pass in XConsole.ini so you won't need to keep retyping it. If you are semi-admin on more than one server with different passes, just type in the password.


This page is turned off by default as I'm not sure if ASH is still being supported. ASH commands can be issued via the buttons/drop-down boxes, with the exception of changing replacement aimbot keybinds (MUTATE ASH ReplacementABKeybinds ? | Keybind) due to lack of space and being a command that probably isnt used often in-game. To add/remove an admin type 'name | IP' in the text box and click Add or Del button. Use up/down arrows to scroll back/forward through admin history.

"?"Displays the current value of a command
ONTurns the command ON
OFFTurns the command OFF


An extended version of the default IRC client. Supports autojoin, autoauth and aliases.
Supports tab completion for some commands and nicks but this may still be a bit buggy.

To autojoin/autoauth you need setup some networks:

/network add
/channel add
/auth add


/network add uta irc.utassault.net
/channel add uta utapug
/channel add uta utassault
/channel add uta myclanchannel
/auth add uta msg nickserv identify

Now you can join server in server box, or by typing '/connect uta' and it will autojoin #utapug etc and send the auth command *but only when status window is visible*.

NOTE that there is a delay before joining which is configurable in xconsole.ini as AUTOJOIN_WAIT. It's set by default at 250 (2.5 secs ish) but you can experiment a bit with this. If it's too fast then it will try to join channels before properly connected, which won't work.

It also supports simple aliases:

/alias add


/alias add uta connect irc.utassault.net

Then typing '/uta' will connect to utassault.net.

Note: To remove any of the above settings use 'del' in place of 'add':

/network del uta
/channel del uta utapug


Added an autojoin function for kicks. (Can be turned off in XConsole.ini)
There are a few extra commands for IRC:

/networks or /nets Lists networks
/channels or /chans Lists autojoin channels
/auths Lists autoauths
/wut Says the server you're currently playing on
/aliases Lists aliases

And a few commands have short aliases:

/connect or /c
/join or /j
/part or /p
/kick or /k
/kickban /kb

Note: You do not need to type a '#' in front on channel name for join etc.
There is also a simple right click menu with /whois /msg /trout etc.
Banning is now done on network address instead of UT's old method of nick.
Fixed old UT bug when messaging nick/chanserv.
Banning is now done by *!*@HOST-ADDRESS same as most IRC clients. The old behaviour
was just to ban the nick ( nick*@* )


There are some bugs in UT's irc link code that strip colons and !'s from start of line. So if someone types a smiley :) you will only see the ).
It also does not support /topic and /names properly.
I did fix some bugs and made my own irc link but this gets detected as a cheat by League AS CSHP and will disconnect you, so for now it's better to put up with bugs.
For some reason if you get forwarded to another channel then the user list is empty but does fill up when people join. I haven't figured out why yet. But I've only seen this on some big channels like ##linux on freenode.
The console font size only changes the text area and input box font. UT doesn't seem to allow setting a lot of the other elements as far as I can tell.


Customisable right click IRC user menu maybe.

That's about all the features so far. If you can think of anything extra worth adding let me know at xconsole@unrealize.co.uk


Console Commands

TransToggles console transparency on/off
BeepToggles console message beeps on/off (only script messages)
TimeOnShows date and time at bottom of console
TimeOffTurns off above
Help or ?Shows help
LogLogging on/off - does not save state when you shut down UT
LockLog Lock on/off - on will auto start logging every time Unreal Tournament boots up
TimeLogLog Timestamp on/off (not in safe mode)
RoundsAssault logging in rounds on/off
SafeModeSafe mode on/off
/C /S /T /A /MChange console mode - 'command','say','teamsay','Admin','Moderator'
/MeDisplays your name IRC style if used at the start of a line
InfoSome info about server, map, date, time etc.

Use / as an escape character to type console commands while in speech modes

Console/Bind/Exec Commands

EchoEchoes text to console
ExoEchoes test to console + HUD
DumpInstantly dumps console text to a [Dump] log file
TimeShows date and time in console
SayTimeSays the time
SayDateSays the date

*notes: None of these are case sensitive
In say or teamsay modes, you must use '/' to make any console commands
To swap back to command mode from admin, say or teamsay use '/c'
Bind/Exec commands work from keybinds and in an execed file but usually only
offline so eg use 'Disconnect | Dump' in a keybind.



Thanks to Benjamin for ideas, testing and helping with all those accessed nones ;¬)


AKA Quasi^, <[NBS]>~V~, and dive on irc.freenode.net