This directory contains the development version of XConsole.

For a new install, first install XConsole 438.

To upgrade to the testing version:

BACKUP your old XConsole.u!

XFonts.utx goes in Textures/
Radiobox.u, XConsole.u, and  XConsoleHelp.ini go in System/

You don't need the font-source, but I include it as it's open source

Open your UnrealTournament/System folder and find in
UnrealTournament.ini the [Engine.Engine] section.
Change the Console line to this:


To reset, just move the ;
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XConsole.u25-Aug-2016 21:40 400K
XConsoleHelp.ini25-Aug-2016 21:40 10K
XFonts.utx12-Mar-2014 22:32 490K
xconsole-438.zip27-Aug-2016 10:35 122K

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